The owner of Vita Cyprus Ltd started his career as an entrepreneur in Nigeria, where he founded in 1981 Vita Construction Ltd (Nigeria) for the purpose of undertaking construction projects in the oil-rich country of Nigeria. Nowadays VITA CONSTRUCTION LTD already is one of the leading companies in the construction industry in Nigeria, having completed hundreds of construction projects, including large scale engineering projects, industrial facilities, office complexes, embassies and residential complexes. The successful development course of VITA CONSTRUCTION LTD in Nigeria encouraged its founder to expand his business activities in the field of construction and land development to the United Kingdom, Greece and Cyprus, creating the Group of companies named “VITA”. Nowadays the Group is active in other fields as well, for example plastics (Cyprus) and trade (Nigeria) and employs over than 2000 personnel.

The international experience of the Group over many years as also the talent/ know how in the field of construction, played a determinant role in the decision of Mr. Varnavas Varnava to dynamically enter the field of real estate development in Cyprus through his company “VITA CYPRUS LTD”, which was already active in the field of plastics. VITA CYPRUS LTD has been rated with a degree of “A” by the Registration Manufacturing Council of Cyprus for experience and by that way reflecting its expertise and it is worth noting that very few companies in Cyprus have this qualification.

Vita Construction (Cyprus) completed its first construction project in 2009, the residential complex SmartHome® at Tseri, Nicosia (comprises 7 detached houses) using “smart” manufacturing methods and ensuring significant energy efficiency. The second SmartHome® project, Vita Court 2 (a residential block comprises 6 luxury flats at Palouriotissa, Nicosia) was completed in July 2011. The third SmartHome® at Tseri- a complex of 3 detached and luxury houses- is already at an advanced stage and is estimated to be finished by the end of November 2012.

The company VITA CYPRUS LTD was originally founded in 1983 by Mr. Varnavas A. Varnava. It's founder, an entrepreneur by nature, became interested in rotational molding recognizing its potential in the growing plastic industry in the years to come, so, in 1996 a well-equipped factory started production of rotomolded items under the tradename VITAPLAST ... continue reading